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Ancient Town of Yangmei Guide

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Travel to the Ancient Town of Yangmei, you can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful view of the nature. The Ancient Town of Yangmei, an ideal place to re-discover your inner peace, has been restored. The town is far away from the pressures of modern life and grasps the spirit of China's long history. It is located about 30 KM to the west of Nanning, becoming a charming destination for tourists visiting the region. It was founded during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), the town of Yangmei burgeoned during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) and reached its heyday during

the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912 AD), when it became a major port on the Yongjiang River. Today, Yangmei covers an area of 6.5 square kilometers, studded with well-preserved old buildings dating back through the dynasties, and boasts the most beautiful scenery that a southern river town of its kind can offer. The 5300 people of the town continue to live as they have for a thousand years, just as if the time had stopped. Though the town is open to tourists, local residents have hardly altered

their way of life as a result.  Women are often seen making shoes or doing embroidery by the gates of their houses, evincing a peaceful and undisturbed countenance. Here the eight scenic spots attract a large number of tourists, little-known scenic spot like beacon towers have quite an ornamental value. Here's some guide information in your travel of Ancient Town of Yangmei: Address: west of Yong Xin District, about 38 kilometers (about 24 miles) away from the central city of Nanning , Guangxi Province. Contact number: 0086-0779-3055003  Admission Fee:CNY15 Opening Hours: all day long

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