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Mt. Lushan is national key scenic spot ,is one of the city of Forty Best Scenic Districts of China, it was approved as only World Cultural Landscape in China in 1996 and was adopted to the World Cultural Heritage Namelist. Lushan has more than 1,500 villas in different styles and 80 scenic spots. Beauty Peak where Li Bai, the famous poet from the Tang Dynasty, wrote the famous poem Looking at Lushan's Waterfall, native place of Tao Yuanmin who was a famous pastoral poet during the Jin Dynasty and peach park are both located in the southern tourism area of Lushan.

Most visitors will settled at the foot of Guling Mountain and help themselves to spend a few days in the mountain to enjoy the beautiful views. Among the view spots, the Hanyang Peak is the most attractive place.On the Lushan mountain, the average temperature is 22.6 Celsius thermometers in summer. When people living at the areas of middle and low reaches of Yangtze River would no longer stand up with the terrible heat, they would feel like living in spring on Lushan mountain. So, the mountain is a good place for people to recuperate. More and more convalescent hospitals have been founded these years.
These days, the traffic on the mountain is more and more convenient, for roads for people and cars, airports have been built. Some modern facilities have been accomplished on the mountain nearly: the Shen Men Jian Bridge (the longest cross distance in East China), the highest view plat of China - the Guling Plat and the first modern high mountain cable car of China. With all above, you'll no longer feel climbing up the mountain is a hard work.
Location: Lushan District, Jiujiang, Jiangxi; Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY 60

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