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Travel to Luoyang – Why there? Luoyang, a city in Henan province, is known as the "city of peonies". As one of seven ancient capitals in China, Luoyang served as the capital for nine dynasties over a period of more than 1,500 years. Luoyang has a long and colorful past, serving as a capital for nine dynasties. The city also served as an important post along the Silk Road, developing into a bustling economic and cultural center from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. Luoyang enjoys a temperate climate, with a yearly average of 14.6°C and a yearly precipitation of 600 mm.

Travel to Luoyang – Getting there? Luoyang is located in the west of Henan Province in central China. Situated on the north bank of the Luo River, it is cut by two rivers that flow into the Luo, the Jian to the west and Chan to the east. By air, is the most commen way for visitors to get in Luoyang. Luoyang Airport is a few kilometers out and receives flights from Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing is about an hour's flight time away. Travelers from Beijing and Shanghai can also fly to Zhengzhou and travel to Luoyang by express highway less than 2 hours.

Guide to Luoyang – What's in there? Luoyang is known as a travel city for its many places of interest. It has rich historical and cultural sites, such as the Longmen Grottoes, one of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions; the White-Horse Temple, the oldest temple in China, Guanlin is a series of temples that have been built to memory a hero of the Three Kingdoms period, Guan Yu; the Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, China's only tombs museum…Apart from the landmarks, Luoyang also comes with a long shopping street loaded with old shops. It also has a large choice of restaurants and one or two fun bars.

Luoyang Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • The White Horse TempleWhite Horse Temple, is located about seven miles away from Luoyang City. It is the first Buddhist temple in Chinese history ever since Buddhism came to China. In 258, a royal Kuchean monk, Po-Yen, translated six Buddhist text in t ... ...
  • The Longmen GrottoesLocated in the south of Luoyang City, the Longmen Grottoes is one of the three most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China (the others are Yungang Caves and Mogao Caves). The best Buddhist sculpture in China is said ... ...
  • Zhongyue TempleThe Zhongyue Temple, listed by the State Council as a key national temple of Taoism, is located on Songshan Mountains in Dengfeng County, Henan Province. Songshan Mountains is a famous beautiful scenic spot. Many religious sites h ... ...
  • Luoyang Museum
    Built in 1958, Luoyang Museum is a local historical museum locating on the Nietai Road, Luolong District in Luoyang. With four display halls, and five exhibition rooms, the museum is spread over 20,000 square meters with two ... ...
  • Luoyang Peony Park
    There are more than 200 kinds of peonies and over 7,000 trees in the park. It is a world full of colorful blooming flowers.When Emperor Yangguang in Sui Dynasty (581-618A.D.) built the capital in Luoyang, he also built an imp ... ...
  • Kungfu PerformanceWhen referring to Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li, you will associate the Chinese Kung Fu with them together immediately. That's right ,anyone who has been wathced wonderful Chinese Kung Fu movie or TV show played by them wi ... ...

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Name:Travel plan to Luoyang Reply

Hi,I'm planing to travel to luoyang.Will reach Zhengzhou by flight and take bus to Luoyang. will spend 5 days at Luoyang.will left Luoyang, travel by bus/train to Zhengzhou and flight back home. Plan to go next mth, 2nd week of Dec 10.Need some help on the planing. Understand there are bus and train from Zhengzhou or Luoyang. Is luoyang easy go around to visit tourist attraction like 1. Longmen Grottoes 2. Shaolin temples 3. Longtan Canyon 4. White Horse Temple

Name:Re: Travel plan to Luoyang

Five days is a long time to fill in. All those senic attractions you listed are not far from Luoyang City. But it will be much easier for your travel if you require a transportation service since some spots also need a long drive to get there.