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White Water River Guide

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The White Water River is a famous travel site. It is formed by a runoff of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and is just north of Lijiang and the Dry Sea. The water of the river is very white and the gravel and stones in the river help to purify and keep the water clean. The riverbed can be seen and is formed by whitish-grey sedimentary rocks. The water of the river is very cold, so it is impossible for anyone to swim in. In the summer time, people love to collect the water and drink it to cool themselves off. It is also said that maidens of the Naxi Minority test the love of their pursuers by using the water.

Visiting the river will give you a great pleasant experience. 4 kilometers (approx. 2 miles) away from the river, there is Black Water River. In just the same way the White Water River gained its name, the Black Water River is named because of its black riverbed. It joins with the White Water River when running to the low reaches. In the book named Dongba Jing, black and white compose the world, thus the congruity of black and white indicating the harmony in the world. Therefore, the joining of the two rivers is endowed with a special meaning of harmony and unity. For travelers,

it is a symbol of being no obstacles to a safe journey. The natural views along the way will help you feel relaxed and rid you of fatigue from the trip. Upon reaching the White Water River, you can taste its pure, unpolluted water, allowing the cool sensation to wash away tension and inspire thoughts of the river's pristine source. Here's some guide information in your travel of The White Water River : Address: on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 25km north of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Contact number: 0086-888-5120929 Admission Fee:free Opening Hours: 09:30-16:00

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