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Dayan Town is a famous travel site. It is officially known as "Dayan Town"-- "Dayan" , a graphic description of the town's location on a piece of rich flatland fed by a river and surrounded by green mountains. There is no other town in China like Dayan which incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China. Some say that Lijiang is not unique just because it is unique in too many ways-- how true this is. The air antiquity assumed by the town testifies to the wisdom of the Naxi people in building it here, not

elsewhere. The town is on flatland about 2,400 meters above sea level. To its north are Mt. Xiangshan and Mt.Jinhong and to its west, Mt. Shizi, which effectively shield the town from winter winds. For miles upon miles, cropland expands to the southeast, where the sunshine is abundant and the climate, mild, characterized by breezes blown from the south that cools the summer heat in June and July. It is this area that the local people have turned into a "granary". As a result of the combination of the multinational culture and the progress of Naxi ethnic minority,

the buildings in the town incorporate the best parts of the architectural traits of Han, Bai, and Tibet into a unique Naxi style. The layout of the town is free-style and flexible, the houses are close and diverse, and the lanes are narrow and meandering. Naxi people pay much attention to the decoration, the commodious and applied houses are mostly timber and tile structure compound with a garden, each has engraved vivid figures of people and animals on doors and windows, beautiful flowers and trees in the garden.Living in such a beautiful and comfortable environment is a real pleasant thing. Once you come here, with the help of local guides, you will get to know every aspect of the town.

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Can I rent a bike to explore the encient town?

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Be sure to respect local customs and traditions. It is the paradise for hiking. Only walking is allowed in all old towns of Lijiang.