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Baisha Mural can be found near Baisha Village on a plain just north of Lijiang. It is an interesting travel site for visitors. The mural was mostly created from 1385 to 1619 and depicts religious stories of Taoism, Tibetan, Naxi Buddhism and local Dongba shamans. And one of characteristics is to combine several legends into one picture. The murals use various colors, especially black, silver, dark green, gold and red. There are several murals that were taken from Tibetan Buddhist iconography that are very bizarre and have vivid detail. The architectural complex is

made of two parts, the folk residence and the cultural sites. The folk residence is called "Peng Shi Zhi" in local language meaning the "White Sand Streets". All the streets were constructed oriented from north to south. In town center, there is a square at where three avenues intersect. Houses and small stores line up on both sides of the streets. A crystal-clear brook flows around all houses passing the small town from north to south. Later in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty the Mu family migrated to the Dayan town gradually. The central district of the town is characterized by clusters of temples called "Mudu" and a huge square symbolizing

the political power and influence of Mu family at the time. At the end of Baisha Old Street, there is a huge cluster of temples built in the Yongle Period of the Ming Dynasty. It consists of three yards: the Sutra Collection Pavilion that is the dooryard, the Liuli Temple that is the cloister and the Dabaoji Palace that is the backyard. The palace occupies an area of about 73 square meters. Among the 28 fresco groups in the palace, the painting about the Sakyamuni explaining the sutra passages to his disciples is the most famous and valuable one. Here's some guide information in your travel of Baisha Village: Address: Old City of Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Contact number: 0086-888-5181445   Admission Fee:free  Opening Hours: all day long

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