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There are not so many guide books about Jiuquan for the travellers, since it's not taken as a popular city for sightseeing by most visitors to China. Even so, you can not deny that Jiuquan is a city with long history and special scenery. Jiuquan is located in the northwest of the Gansu province in China. The famous Silk Road stretched through the city and it had been the vital pass linking Central China with Central Asia and Europe. Jiuquan is famous as the nation's satellite launch center, has been busy with a new mission to exploit its rich wind energy resources in the hopes of becoming a global giant in the field of renewable energy.

The city's name came from a legendary tale of a general Huo Qubing in Han Dynasty, who poured a jar of precious wine into a local creek in order to share the taste with his troops, in celebration of their crushing victory against Xiongnu forces. The creek was later named Jiu Quan ("Wine Spring"), which became the name of the Han prefecture established there. Enjoying a continental desert climate in temperate zone, the city is dry and seldom rainy throughout the year. The winter is chilly and summer is hot, the spring is arid. Though wind blowing with sands often happens in spring and autumn, it seems to be the ideal time for you to travel there.

The city's Drum tower, erected in 343, is the only remaining structure of the many Marco Polo praised in his writings. A few miles away from the city stands the Jiayuguan Pass, the western end of the Great Wall. Among those few travel attractions, Dunhaung is regarded as a shining pearl on the Silk Road left with brilliant culture by human and grand sceneries by nature. China's precious art treasury, Mogao Caves makes Dunhuang well know to the world. In addition, the Echoing-Sand Mountain and the Crescent Lake are also famous attraction in this area. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel guide to Dunhuang or other famous cities in China. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

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Name:Travel to Jiayuguan Great Wall Reply

I’m intrested in travelling to Jiuyaguan Great Wall from Beijing. I have several questions about my travel, can I take a direct flight from Beijing to get there? Which city should I stay in the night? Jiuyuguan or Jiuquan? Any other intresting sites to see?

Name:Re: Travel to Jiayuguan Great Wall

There is direct flight from Beijing to Jiayuguan. Jiuyuguan and Jiuquan are close to each other, we suggest that you stay in Jiayuguan then. Beside the Jiayuguan Great Wall, other senic spots like Wine Spring of the Western Han Dynasty, Mural in Eastern Jin Tomb and Ancient Bell and Drum Tower are worthy of visiting also. And we can provide you any travel services if you need.