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As the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan is the main transit point for travelers to all points of Shandong and beyond and most travelers in the province inevitably find themselves holed up here for a night or two. Jinan is situated on the eastern coast of China, covering a total area of 8,177 square kilometers. As a historical city with more than 2600 years history, Jinan is glorified as "Spring City" and is famed for its more than 100 artesian springs in and around the city area. The most popular one is perhaps the Baotu Springs, renowned as the "1st spring in the world." Besides, the city is also well-known for the willows and lotus flowers, which can be seen everywhere in the city.

The sites for travel include the Shungeng Mountain which is the ruin of the Shun Civilization; the Qi Great Wall; China's oldest ground structure--the stone ancestral temple of Xiaotangshan Guoshi of the Han Dynasty; China's oldest stone pagoda: Liubu Four-door Pagoda of the Sui Dynasty; the colorful sculptures at Lingyan Temple of the Song Dynasty which is praised as the "Best Sculptures in China". Others include Daming Lake, which has been the gathering place for celebrities throughout history, Qianfo Mountain, and Longshan Culture, reputed as one of the three oldest Chinese cultures ever. 

Jinan is blessed with spectacular scenic areas that worth travelling. It is said of Jinan that "half the beauty of the city is represented by its wonderful lake landscapes". It is no wonder then, that Jinan has attracted generations of scholars who were either famous before their arrival, or who established their reputations while residing in Jinan. Read more guide to Jinan attractions below. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Jinan. We would like to help you with your Jinan travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Jinan Attractions Guide

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  • Thousand Buddha MountainThe Thousand Buddha Mountain, located not far south of downtown Jinan, is one of the key tourist attraction in Jinan City. The mountain occupies an area of 1.66 hectares ranging from east to west with the submit's elevat ... ...
  • Daming LakeThe Daming Lake, covering an area of 46 hectares, is a largest natural lake located in the north of Jinan City. The lake itself covers an area of 460,000 square metres with an average depth of 3 meters. The lake is the convergence ... ...
  • Baotu SpringThe Baotu Spring, sometimes as 'Jet Spring' or 'Sqirting Spring', is the most renown cultural spring among the more than 70 named artesian springs in the downtown Jinan City. The spring witnessed the visit of the emperors Kang Xi ... ...
  • Weifang World Kite MuseumWeifang World Kite Museum (formerly the Weifang Kite Museum), located in Weifang Kuiwen 66 Chief Street, completed in April 1989, is China's first large-scale kite museum, is currently building the world's largest kite museum prof ... ...

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Name:Jinan Travel Reply

Dear, I will be Jinan for business next April. I am a lover of Kite, and knowing there is a World Kite Museum international in Weifang. Are they far from each other? I want to travel there if it is possible. Mark.

Name:Re: Jinan Travel

Dear Mark, the annual International Kite Festival is in Weifang, not far away from Jinan. And it run across holds at 20th-25th every April. So, it is a good opportunity to travel Weifang this time. We are professional travel service in China, feel free to cantact us if you need more travel information.