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The Little Bund Guide

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The Little Bund of Jilin is a place in the city that offers a fantastic view of many buildings located near the waterfront, which are built with the different architectural styles. There are also several Rimmed Trees along the Little Bund that are very beautiful to look at. In the winter time, when the dew has set on the trees and the Songhua River water rises up to meet the cold air, ice crystals form on the pine trees and make it a very pretty site to see. This natural phenomenon happens mainly in the months of January and February when the temperature is below 0°C.

Jilin City is a popular destination for tourists to come each winter to view the magnificent rime ice on trees along the banks of the Songhua River. The rime ice is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year during January and February. It is a result of when water vapor rises up from the warm Songhua River to meet the cold -20 °C night air, causing the crystallisation of water vapour on willows branches. The ice-rimed trees in Jilin are one of the four natural wonders of China, along with the Guilin Mountains and Streams, Yunnan Stone Forest, and Three Gorges on the Yangtze River.

There are many bunds in the cities of China, such as: Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Jilin etc. The Bund is a name for the road along the Huangpu River used by the colonists in Shanghai in 1843. Since the special location, economic status and historical background of Shanghai, the Bund in Shanghai has got more attractions in the world, but, the rest bunds in China are ignored. However, more and more cities have constructed their bund with their own style. And the Bund of Jilin is regarded as the greatest bund of the northern style in China.

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