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Jilin Rime Island Guide

-Travel to Jilin Rime Island

Every winter, water vapor, flying from Songhua River to Tianchi Lake and carrying heat flow and fog from Songhua Lake and Fengman Power Station, flows and goes through the city to condensate to be glittering and translucent frost flowers hanging on willows along the river. This is Jilin Rime, one of China four natural wonders, and is formed depending on unique geographical and climatic conditions in Jilin City. The other three natural wonders are Hangshan Mountain Cloud, Taishan Mountain Sunrise, and Qiantang River Tide. The ruler of heaven unexpectedly brings the whole city to a fairy tale overnight, which is just like “a sudden evening breeze drives thousands of pear trees to bloom”. In winter, the silver coverage, rising fog from rivers, swaying rime hanging on branches, and falling frost flowers seem to be poetic spring.

Rime Island, about 35 kilometers away from the Jilin City, is the most famous rime viewing area. It is a natural island formed in the heart of Songhua River and surrounded by water. Because of the unique geography, the Rime Island is often covered with fog in winter. Therefore, rime almost comes here every day. Here, the rime is as white as jade and extremely thick and retain hanging for a long time. The island also is known as “Rime Park” that it deserves. Rime will come almost the whole winter in the island and is thick and durable. Alone islands in river heart, rural courtyards, and natural trees feature the island with others. Sunrise and sunset, thousands of singing and flying-over swans and wild ducks, and silver pines and red glaze constitute the most wonderful scenery.

The island attracts a large number of photography enthusiasts who spare every effort and film in creating numerous award-winning works as the island is the best place to satisfy photography enthusiasts. Rural households living in the island provide food and shelter, which is economic, simple, warm, and comfortable. The temperature generally is below18 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ in the island in winter. Please pay attention to winter protection. To all photographers and enthusiasts, please protect your hands when protecting lens.

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