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Changbai Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in the northeast of China and is home to very many scenic areas, such as a dormant volcano that has not erupted for more than 300 years, as well as the Changbaishan park where if lucky, one can spot tigers. As a dormant volcano, Changbai Mountain boasts rare animals, marvelous lakes, amazing hot springs, and forests that stretch to the horizon.The Changbai volcano spring is the best spa resort place in China. There is splendid scenery during the four seasons, but it is especially beautiful in winter. The mountain's name means ever white' and is called this due to the pumice stones formed in the area, as well as the winter snow.

There are four different climates that you cross while driving towards the mountain: birch forest, mixed coniferous forest, coniferous forest and alpine tundra. A varied topography, weather, soil and other natural conditions in Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve result in rich biodiversity and vertical zonal distribution of vegetation. Research shows that, 2277 species of plant namely 550 species of lower plant and 1727 species of higher plants are distributed in the Reserve, among which Panax ginseng is a national Class-A plant; Panthera spp., Cervus nippon, Mergus squamatus and Gastrodia elata are also under the state protection.

Changbaishan's peaks are very interesting and take the shape of many different objects; the most famous being a "sleeping Buddha." The climb on Changbaishan is also very difficult, depending on which route you choose. The western route is the easiest and the winding Tiger Back trail is the hardest. The Heavenly Lake is also a great travel attraction that is located in the mountain area. There are several hikes, once you reach the mountain, which are enjoyable. Jinjiang Valley is a peaceful walk where you can see old lava flows.

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Name:Travel to Changbai Mountain in Winter Reply

I'm a Malaysian. My family is planning to travel to Changbai Mountain this winter. But there is very few information on how to get to the place. What is the available way to get to Changbaishan? Is one day good enough at the mountain and come back to Changchun again. Also, we are worrying about the weather. Please advise.

Name:Re: Travel to Changbai Mountain in Winter

As far as we know that the train station in Changbaishan is called Baihe. There are trains from Shenyang, Jilin and Changchun heading for this place daily. But one day will be not enough to make a round trip from Changchun to Changbai Mountain, because it takes more than 15 hours on the train one way already. The best time of the year to visit Changbai Mountain is the summer or early September. It is really cold up there throughout the winter. So if you are going to Changbaishan in winter, do keep warm clothes on.