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Many travel guide will tell you Jilin is only visited by those looking for a little bit extra from a China trip, and it seems to be sure. However, on the other side, Jinlin can be taken as a very good extra-trip destination when you travel in China. Jilin Province is situated in the north-eastern part of China, bordering with the Russian Federation and North Korea. It has a generally temperate continental climate with long, cold winters and short, warm summers. Jilin is also the producer of the worldwide famous Three Northeast China Treasures-ginseng, fur of marten and pilose antler. Other products in Jilin include ganoderma, the tuber of elevated gastrodia, astragali, and pine mushroom, hedge hogs fungus, and frog fat.

Jilin has so much to offer in natural beauty and resources - fertile land, dense forests, a wide variety of birds and animals, and vast grasslands. The most noteworthy attraction is definitely The Heavenly Lake (Tianchi) in Changbaishan. The province also has many human travel attractions, mostly reflecting contemporary Chinese history. Amongst them, the most popular include the former government office of the Japanese puppet state, the Monument to the Martyrs of the Soviet Red Army, the Automobile Town, and the Changchun Film Studio. In addition, some of China's best winter sports and the Ice Lantern Festival draw throngs of people to Jilin in the winter months.

Due to sharp climatic differences between summer and winter, any travel itinerary here is highly dependant upon when you are in the province. In recent years, the frontier and foreign country tourism and ecotourism represented by paying visit to the ice, snow, forests and wetlands become the most attractive travel products. Below is the detailed guide to Jilin attractions. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Jilin. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Jilin. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Jilin Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • The Little BundThe Little Bund of Jilin is a place in the city that offers a fantastic view of many buildings located near the waterfront, which are built with the different architectural styles. There are also several Rimmed Trees along the Lit ... ...
  • Ski CourseThere are several ski resorts located in Northeast of China and this area also has some of the nicest and largest ski resorts in Asia. Yabuli is the largest ski resort in Asia, and there are other resorts in the area such as Erlon ... ...
  • Heavenly LakeThe most famous travel sights in the Changbai region is the Heavenly Lake (Tianchi), the deepest alpine lake in China, with a depth of around 300 meters. The lake is the starting point for any hikes around the area and the minibus ... ...
  • Changbai Mountain Changbai Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in the northeast of China and is home to very many scenic areas, such as a dormant volcano that has not erupted for more than 300 years, as well as the Changbaishan park where if lu ... ...
  • Jilin Rime Island
    Every winter, water vapor, flying from Songhua River to Tianchi Lake and carrying heat flow and fog from Songhua Lake and Fengman Power Station, flows and goes through the city to condensate to be glittering and translucent ... ...

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User Comments

Name:Jilin Travel Reply

I will spend the Chinese Spring Festival with my family at Jilin. Is the ice-sculpture still available at that moment? Besides, what if I want to buy some local product?

Name:Re: Jilin Travel

Jilin is the best place to travel in winter time. It is the right place to see ice-sculpture, snow scenery, forests and wetland. Ice-sculpture is available as long as the temperature is below o °C. Usually, it is still available at The Spring Festival. As for the local product, you will find Jilin is the producer of the worldwide famous Three Northeast China Treasures-ginseng, fur of marten and pilose antler.

Name:Changbaishan Travel Guide Reply

I want to visit Changbaishan, so I wander how is the accommodation there?

Name:Re:Changbaishan Travel Guide

Thanks for your asking. The accommodation there is very good. Wanda Hotels resort has eight international standard hotels from super luxury Park Hyatt to Grand Hyatt, Westin, Sheraton, Holiday Inn Resort and to Holiday Inn Express and Ibis. All include buffet breakfasts, free indoor swimming pool, Gym, Kids’ garden and other facilities and all provides first-class service to customers.

Name:The Rime Island Travel Guide Reply

I’d like to visit the Rime Island in Jilin Province, China this winter. So could you please tell me the way to get there, the temperature and the entrance fee about it?

Name:Re:The Rime Island Travel Guide

It is my pleasure. You can drive along the river eastward to go by Wu A Street and Manchu Town to enter Hantun and drive along the river westward to go by Tuchengzi Town to enter Zengtong; several alone islands in the heart of the river are generally known as Rime Island. Or take passenger bus to Wula Street at Chalu Town Bus Station in Jilin City (35 kilometers in total) and then take minibus or taxi to Hantun, the east ferry of Rime Island (six kilometers in total).

Name:Jilin Rime Island Tour Reply

Hello, I am planning to visit the Jilin Rime Island in China this December. I wonder the temperature in Jilin at that time and its entrance fee.

Name:Re:Jilin Rime Island Tour

First, thanks for your asking. The temperature generally is below18 ? ~ 30 ? in the island in winter. Please pay attention to winter protection. To all photographers and enthusiasts, please protect your hands when protecting lens. And the entrance fee is RMB30 per person.