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Genghis Khan, a Mongolian hero famed throughout the world, is still worshipped and remembered by his people, and has over 16 million descendants in Asia today. The present Genghis Khan's Tomb was built in 1954 in Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, about 185 km (around 115 miles) from Baotou City. Most travellers believe that this location is not where he was buried but is rather a gathering place for Mongolians to offer sacrifice to the spirit of Genghis Khan. Whether this is true or not, Genghis Khan's Mausoleum remains a sacred place with great significance to the Mongolian people and has become a famous travel destination in Inner Mongolia.

In order to smooth your travel there, we provide a brief guide to the tomb. Genghis Khan Mausoleum is a magnificent complex that comprises mainly of three grand halls, which are shaped like Mongolian yurts, and the corridors linking them. The Memorial Hall is in the middle with a white marble statue of Genghis Khan over 4 meters (around 13 feet) tall. In the East Hall, the coffins of one of Genghis Khan's wives and his fourth son are laid. Genghis Khan's arms are displayed in the West Hall. Behind the Main Hall is another smaller hall containing four biers covered with bright yellow satin. They are said to be the coffins of Genghis Khan and his three wives.

Four sacrifice ceremonies are held each year at this astounding 5.5 hectare mausoleum in order to commemorate and pay tribute to the great Mongolian hero. Contact us if you want to travel to the Tomb of Genghis Khan. We will provide the professional advice, customized itinerary and excellent travel service. Or you can consult directly through the guide information below:
Address: 180km south of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
Admission Fee: CNY35
Contact Telephone: 86 0477 8325827

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Is there Genghis Khan’s remains in the Tomb of Genghis Khan?

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Secret bury prevailed in ancient Mongolia. There is no exception for Genghis Khan. Actually, the Genghis Khan Mausoleum is a Yi Guanzhong (a tomb containing personal staff the deceased used in his lifetime), but it still enjoys its significance. Tomb of Genghis Khan has become one of the main tour attractions in Mongolia now.