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Here we provide a travel guide to the Resonant Sand Bay, one of the most popular scenic sopts in Baotou. Located within an hour's drive away from the city of Baotou, Resonant Sand Bay (otherwise known as Xiangshawan in Chinese) is situated in Ih Ju League. Spend a full day travel to the Resonant Sand Bay, a grand sand desert whose sands can make music when you walk on it. It is also called "yinken resonant sand gorge" by local people, which means bowstring in mongolian. The weather here is very dry, please prepare yourself with that when you take a travel there.

You must be astonished by the natural phenomenon that nobody can explain when you travel in the Resonant Sand Bay. Sliding down from the 90-meter-high, 45-degree sand hill, people will hear sounds like a bugle and drumbeat in the sand. If several people are surfing together, the sound will be as loud as the automobile and aircraft engines and you will feel the whole dune is trembling. Scientists made researches and come up with many theories trying to explain the sound. There are many folk tales about this phenomenon. However, none of those theories have yet been proved, and this phenomenon remains a mystery so far.

There are also other activities that you can take part in such as: riding camels and horses, watching singing and dancing performances and ride on the dunes. Contact us if you want to travel to Resonant Sand Bay. We will provide the professional advice, customized itinerary and excellent travel service. Or you can consult directly through the guide information below:
Admission Fee: RMB70
Open hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Address:Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.
Contact Telephone: 86 0937 8882087

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Name:Resonant Sand Bay Reply

We are planning to visit the Resonant Sand Bay and other interesting places in Inner Mongolia on mid August or early October. Can you arrange us such a tour for three days? We are 5 people.

Name:Re:Resonant Sand Bay

Resonant Sand Bay is one of the most famous travel attractions in Inner Mongolia, featuring its grand sand desert. From 1st to 7th October, we have seven day vacation due to our National Day Festival; and numerous tourists will pour into the popular tour destination like Resonant Sand Bay, which may eclipse your tour. So we would suggest you to have the tour avoiding early October. Anyway, I have made an initial itinerary and sent to your email. Please check.