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If you travel to Inner Mongolia, you must be very intereted in their Yurts. Perhaps you may even want to have a stay in a yurts. As a unique pattern of residence, the Mongolian Yurts is a vivid explanation for Mongolian ethnic culture and life. The yurt (Ger in Mongolian) is the traditional dwelling of the nomads of Mongolia, as well as in neighbouring countries as distant as Turkey. It is a tent-like structure made from a wooden frame and covered by wool felt. The traditional yurt is very easy to collapse and assemble again, and it can be transported on no more than three animals (horses, camels, yaks). Today it will fit nicely onto a small all-terrain vehicle.

With its unique design, structure and practical features, the yurt is still a popular habitation.  Mongolian yurts (ger) are attracting interest from people in many parts of the world as an ecologically friendly and attractive living space that can be used for a variety of purposes. A Mongolian ger (yurt) makes an ideal second or travel home in part because it can be put to many uses. One of the pleasantest ways to make use of a yurt is as a pavilion in a backyard or another spot. A yurt can be used as a dining pavilion, a marquee for a family event, or as a playhouse for children.

The constructive principle of the Mongol yurt hasn’t changed much since the time of Genghis Khan. The few elements that did change were the result of newly developed or imported technology, such as carpentry. This made it possible to craft a wooden crown similar to a wheel in place of a simple piece of wood bent into a circle. Even more obvious is the use of a wooden door instead of a felt curtain, and of course the iron stove with a chimney in place of an open fire. Take a travel to Inner Mongolia, and don’t miss any chance to stay in a mongolian yurt for at least one night. Taste the milk tea made by your hostess; dance and sing with the mongolian family… The Mongolian Yurts will bring you a special travel experience there!

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Name:Mongolia Yurts Reply

Planning a trip to Inner Mongolia on October. Will your travel agency be able to tailor made an itinerary for us? We want to stay in Mongolia Yurts. Is it available to take a shower in Mongolia Yurts?

Name:Re:Mongolia Yurts

There are two kinds of Mongolia Yurts on the grassland: the common Yurts and the luxurious Yurts. The latter has independent bathroom. Here is a notice for you. It will be cold and windy on the grassland on October. So it would be better to bring some winter outfit if you want to stay in Mongolia Yurts. I have made a customized tour itinerary for you and sent it to your email. Please check and welcome to contact us again.