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The Ordos Desert is a desert and steppe region lying on a plateau in the south of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The soil of the Ordos is a mixture of clay and sand and, as a result, is poorly suited for agriculture. It extends over an area of approximately 90,650 km². It comprises two large deserts: the 7th largest desert in China, the Kubuqi Desert in the north, and the 8th largest desert in China, the Maowusu Desert, in the south.

Kubuqi Desert,located in the north Ordor highland,lies to the south of the Yellow River like a long band extending about 400 kilometers from east to west. The desert is 50 kilometers wide in the west, 15-20 kilometers wide in the east and covers an area of 16,756 sq. kilometers, making it is the seventh largest desert in China.
The splendid Kubuqi Desert means bowstring in the Inner Mongolian dialect. It is just in a shape of bow. And "kubuqi" means "bow" in the Mongolian language. This desert is looked like a golden bow in the earth.

Kubuqi Desert Scenic Area is about 800 kilometers away but still the closest desert to Beijing. The rich travel resources including the desert, lakes, grasslands, wetlands and oasis are all can be found in Kubuqi. In addition, over thousand birds including the rare white swans inhabit the area in or around the desert.
Generally, the sand dunes are 10-15 meters high and the moving dunes make up 80% of the total area of the Kubuqi Desert. Some of the sand dunes on the edge of the desert move so fast that they meet Maowusu Sand Land in the west. This forms a natural phenomenon just as if people were shaking hands and has given birth to the famous tourist attraction -Resonant Sand Gorge.
The best time to visit Kubuqi Desert is in summers and autumns.

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