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Hulun Lake is also called Lake Dalai, one of the five largest fresh water lakes in China, situated 45 km east of Manzhouli of Hulunbuir League, and covering a total area of 2339 square km. Lake Hulun is a summer resort with a mild cold climate and pleasant landscape. Travellers will be surprised at the sights when they are watching the birds at Ulan Cang and carps leaping over a waterfall at Ulan Gang. Besides these, they can have a sun bath, a sand bath, or go fishing  and  go boating. They can also have a "complete feast of fish," made of fresh, tender, delicious and nutritious fish instantly captured from the lake. Tourists will find it interesting to watch catching fish from under ice in winter.

Pasted on one of the largest grasslands under heaven, the Lake is a paradise for birds and fish. There inhabit more than 200 precious birds such as swans, seagulls,cranes, egrets and so on. It is much pleasant to boat on the lake, viewing the beautiful birds on blue sky and fish in green water.The sky is blue and the lake water is clear. Varieties of fish are all enjoy the freedom in the lake. Those who travel there may enjoy the delicious fish at the restaurants by the lake. It generally will take  4-5 hours to travel around the Hulun Lake.

With cool climate, beautiful scenery and fresh air, the Hulun Lake is an ideal summer resort. The great sights of Observing Birds on Wulan Sea and Jumping Fish at Wulan Hillock attract numerous tourists from home and abroad. Sunbathing, lake sand bathing, fishing on the lakeside, and touring the lake by boat, along with other activities, often make the visitors indulge in pleasure without stop. Contact us if you want to travel to Hulun Lake. We will provide the professional advice, customized itinerary and excellent travel service. Or you can consult directly through the guide information below:
Admission Fee: RMB20
Open hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Address: West of Hulunbeier Grassland, Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia, China.

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Name:Hulun Lake Reply

I have seen many beautiful pictures of Hulun Lake in Inner Mongolia. It is amazing! We are planning a trip to visit Hulun Lake on mid August. please could you give us an itinerary and price. We are two people. Thanks.

Name:Re:Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake(Dalai Lake), surrounded with the grand grassland, is the largest fresh lake in Inner Mongolia, a paradise for birds and fish, and an ideal summer resort. It is a nice choice to tour Hulun Lake on August. The beautiful landscape will feast your eyes. I have sent the itinerary and the quotation to your email. Please check. Any more questions, welcome to contact us.