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Huangshan City is a famous name card for China travel. As one of the most popular travel destinations in China, with its mighty creation of nature, its more than 2000-year history, and its flourishing Huizhou culture, Huangshan City has for centuries been a place where people come to paint, meditate and to seek retreat from everyday life. The city looks like a long and colorful traditional Chinese painting themed with its unique local custom as well as cultural and natural landscape. It is located in the south of Anhui Province, adjacent to Jiangxi and Zhengjiang provinces. Historians at home and abroad regard Huangshan City as a natural history and culture museum of China.

Huangshan city has a long history. As early as 7000 year ago, at the late period of Chinese matriarchal clan society, the forefather lived and increased here. Currently in many aspects, Huangshan city is advanced and famous in the world. Travel industry in Huangshan is vigorous and rising. Since Huangshan City is a travel destination with a pleasant climate, travel plans need not be interrupted by weather. In fact, Huangshan Mountain indeed is the essence of Huangshan city and east China travel. Its marvelous view and the heaven-like environment give the visitors the fabulous feeling.

In addition to Mt. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain), Huangshan City offers many other tourist attractions: the well-preserved ancient villages (Xidi and Hongcun villages in Yixian County, the film site of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), archways (in Shexian County), Taiping Lake (in Huangshan District) and Qiyun Taoist Mountain (in Xiuning County). Old residences, clan temples, ancient bridges and pagodas are abundant. Below is the detailed guide to Huangshan City attractions. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Huangshan. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel there. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Huangshan Attractions Guide

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  • Hongcun VillageHongcun village was first established in the Song Dynasty, one thousand years ago, as the settlement of Wang Cian. Hongcun can lay claim to hundreds of well preserved buildings of which "Chenzhitang " is the most famous. The whole ... ...
  • Old StreetOld Street is an attractive travel site in Mt. Huangshan Tourism Area. It stretches for about one and a half kilometers and consists of lines of shops, made of brick and wood with have traditional double floors, stretching down bo ... ...

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Name:Planning a Huangshan Travel Reply

A group of us (8-10) are planning a travel next fall to Huangshan. Can anyone suggest a travel company or is it better to do it ourselves? Is it possible to stay in Tunxi and travel to Huangshan, climb mountain and return to Tunxi in one day? Thanks

Name:Re: Planning a Huangshan Travel

We have just returned from a travel to Huangshan. We chose to use a travel company - ITB. They answered all our emails with efficiency and patience. They provided us a customized package of Huangshan travel service and everything during our visit to Huangshan was perfectly arranged. We had a good time there. So we highly recommend ITB to you. Besides, it has possibility to do the round travel of Tunxi and Huangshan Mountain within one day. But a kind of hurry.