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Hong Kong is a truly amazing travel destination! Hong Kong is situated in Southern China, just 32 km east of the Pearl River and 135 km southeast of Guangdong Province. The city is made up of four sections: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and 260 surrounding islands. Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate, with reasonable temperatures for half the year, cool, dry winters and humid summers. It is also a free port for the Far East and an important center of trade in the Asia--Pacific region in general. Hong Kong boasts the world's eighth-largest trading economy and is one of the world's leading exporters of toys, garments, and watches.

This sleepless city is a travel magnet, and visitors are pleased to find as many historic attractions as there are modern amenities. The Ocean Park, the Victoria Peak or the beautiful Repulse Bay, and the Disney's are the most attractive places to visit. Set among beautiful natural surroundings it has all the benefits of a thriving and vibrant commercial center. As a duty-free port, Hong Kong attracts approximately 21 million visitors a year, making travel industry one of its leading industries. Shopping is one of the main reasons people come here. It is considered as the "Shopping Paradise". Hong Kong is home to one of the world's largest shopping malls, as well as many lively street markets virtually everywhere.

The official languages there are Cantonese and English. So don’t worry about the language difference when you travel there. Being a product of the British-Chinese Opium Wars, Hong Kong is a culturally-charged metropolis with a fantastic skyline cast against a backdrop of green hills. The city boosts highly sophisticated transportation, including subway, railway, ferries, and modernized airports. It is also the "Wall Street of Asia," with banking, international insurance, advertising, and publishing among its biggest industries. Welcome to read more guide to Hong Kong travel and detailed information about Hong Kong attractions below. We would like to help you with your travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Hong Kong Attractions Guide

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  • Victoria BayVictoria Bay is a natural landform Bay situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. This key location is what brought the British to Southern China and led them to occupy Hong Kong Island dur ... ...
  • Ocean ParkOcean Park Hong Kong is a marine theme park that is a joint project with New Zealand and China. It is one of the largest marine theme parks in the world and is the largest leisure paradise in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong's mild clima ... ...
  • Victoria PeakVictoria Peak is one of the most famous travel attractions, located in the mid-west in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, also called Mount Austin. It is estimated in 552 meters high and local citizens are used to call ... ...
  • Stanley Market A popular market town on the sunny south side of Hong Kong Island, Stanley's relaxed ambience, crisp sea environs and bargain buys have made it world famous. Seven days a week the open market around Stanley New Street and Stanley ... ...
  • Repulse BayPrimarily an upmarket residential area, sun-drenched Repulse Bay has a relaxed resort-like atmosphere. The wide, wave-lapped beach is popular with locals and visitors alike and great for sandy strolls in the early morning when the ... ...
  • Madame Tussaud's Wax Figure GalleryMadame Tussauds Hong Kong is a museum exhibiting the wax likenesses of world famous people. The founder, Madame Tussaud (1761-1850), was an outstanding artist in France, well known all over the world for her wax products. The head ... ...
  • Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland opened on September 12, 2005 after several years of construction. The park is jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Government and managed by Hong Kong International Theme Parks. It is the ... ...

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Name:Hongkong Travel Reply

Hi! We are coming from Holand and travel to Hongkong. We want to visit Hongkong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and other suggested spots. Can you give me a price for this travel service? And a guide speaking both English and Cantonese is prefered. Thanks a lot.

Name:Re: Hongkong Travel

This is Monica. We’ll be glad to offer this travel service for you. We’d suggest you travelling in Shenzhen and entering Hongkong by train. As requested, we will provide English and Cantonese speaking guide while you travel in Hongkong. And please feel free if you need any Hongkong travel guide info.

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Our travel in Hongkong will be with a few friends. We don’t need any guide or travel service to show us around, but need to get some Hongkong travel guide information, like where to travel in Hongkong, etc. Thanks if you could help.

Name:Re: Hong Kong Travel

Dear Sir/Madam, There’re several attractions in Hongkong that we suggest on the Hongkong travel guide page on our website. We will be glad if if could help your travel in Hongkong. If you need any travel service or travel guide in Hongkong, also we will be really honored to help.

Name:Hong Kong Museum of History Tour Reply

Hello, I am in Hong Kong now. I am going to take a day trip in Hong Kong. Do you have any good recommendation?

Name:Re: Hong Kong Museum of History Tour

Thanks for your asking. I think Hong Kong Museum of History is a perfect choice. It is only 15 minutes walking distance from a main shopping street in Kowloon which is Nathan Road. It is located in a very peaceful area facing The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The museum is now having the exhibition named “The Hong Kong Story”. So you will have a very wonderful experience.