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The Yabuli International Ski Resort Guide

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The Yabuli International Ski Resort, located in 200 kilometers east of Harbin and 120 kilometers west of Mudanjiang in Shangzhi City and is the home of China's first destination resort and has expanded into China's first ski town with multiple resorts on 3 mountains with a selection of 2 stars to 5 start hotels along a main access road. During the Qing Dynasty , the resort was the hunting ground for feudal lords. And now the two large areas are Yabuli Sun Mountain and Yabui Ski Resort.

The Yabuli International Ski Resort is surrounded by mountain ranges covered with pine forests, so the resort provides great skiing with high mountains and good snow. Local skiers enjoy the high elevation and the fact that the snow is neither too hard nor too powdery. The lowest temperature is -47.2F. Because of the high elevation, snow falls for a long period of about 170 days. The period from November to late March of the next year is the best time to ski at Yabuli Ski Resort.
Yabuli Resort is divided into two distinct areas: the competition section and the leisure section. The alpine competitive section, which amounts to an altitude of around 1400 meters, is designed for professional skiers. The leisure skiing section, however, is the paradise for amateur skiers for it provides a relatively safe environment.

Yabuli Ski Resort is the biggest training centre for alpine skiers and the mountain hosts of many professional skiing competitions. In 1996 the 3rd Winter Asian Games was held here along with numerous the National Winter Games and other national and provincial competitions.
Besides skiing, visitors can also take advantage of the other entertainment facilities at the resort, such as the mini golf course, tennis court, turf courts, hot-air balloons, para-gliders among others. The combination of activities, the beautiful forest and comfortable facilities offer tourists a relaxing and fun vacation. In winter, the ski resort is a fantastic place for skiers; in summer tourists can escape the heat and enjoy fun outdoor activities. All year round the resort offers beautiful scenery.

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