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Harbin's Main Street, also called "Central Street", is a pedestrian-only cobblestone street more than a kilometer (about a mile) long lined with stores, restaurants, old architecture dating from the Russian era, and malls. Central Street was part of the original town built by the Russians about 110 years ago. It was first called Chinese Street. You'll find some shops with Russian products, international restaurants, and two megamarkets, Walmart and the French Carrefour, that are located at the end of Central Street. The street was built in 1898 and has the best shopping malls, business and hotels located on either side. Along the street there are also many buildings that have a western and Russian architectural style. The 1.4km-long street is a veritable museum of European style architectures, including Baroque and Byzantine facades, Jewish architectural wonders, little Russian bakeries, French fashion houses, American snack food outlets, and Japanese restaurants. The Travel Guide to Harbin will give you a convenience travel in Central Street.

When the town was first built by the Russians to service a railroad route they built around the turn of the 20th century, this was one of the main streets. It was originally called "Chinese Street". The street was a central avenue in a cosmopolitan city with people from thousands of countries. So you'll see a variety of architectural styles on the street and nearby. This was a center for Jews in Asia, and the city was a refuge for Jews, "White" Russians, Mennonites, and people of other groups in Europe and Asia where they could freely practice their religion and build their own businesses and industry.

This street is also famous for being a haven for beautiful and handsome people! Also in 1898, the city began constructing its railway station and also beginning its large scale construction planning of the city. The original name for Central Avenue was called China Street but changed its name in 1928. The avenue is 1,400 meters long and 11 meters wide and extends from the Songhua River to Xinyang Square. In recent years, several restaurants and stores along the avenue have been remodeled and redecorated to improve the sense of feeling in the city and making the avenue more appealing.

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