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Heilongjiang Provincial Museum Guide

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Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, located at No.50 Red Army Street in the center of the provincial capital Harbin City, is the biggest museum in Heilongjiang Province. It covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters. The Museum's name was changed several times and finally settled down as the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum in 1954 till now.The main building of the Museum was built in 1904, and is a brick-and-wood structure following the style of Russian architecture. It consists of three standard sections and two conjunctions which embody independent features. The Museum is made up of two parts -- the exhibition area of 3,000 square meters and the relics storage building of almost the same size.

Among the 107,400 historical relics, 56 pieces are of the first grade. There are 40,000 ancient books, 70,000 precious fossil specimens, and 30,000 minority relics and paintings, etc. The treasures include silk unearthed from the tombs of the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), the ancient human skulls fossils about 20,000 years ago and dinosaur fossils. The Museum is the prime resource for research on Heilongjiang's history, art, culture, animals and plants.The Museum boasts three exhibit halls -- the first displays ancient historical relics of Heilongjiang Province, the second exhibition for animals, and the third for ancient animals.

The hall for historical relics of Heilongjiang Province has an area of 450 square meters, and details the historical development of Heilongjiang Province with more than 900 cultural relics. The hall for animals, covering 750 square meters, focuses on special local animals with a lot of fossil specimens, some of which are rare species in the world such as Red-crowned Crane and Northeast Tiger. The hall for ancient animals, covering an area of 480 square meters, displays fossil specimens of ancient animals living in this area, and the most eye-catching of the specimens are a duck-billed dinosaur, a Songhuajiang mammoth and a woolly rhinoceros.

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