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Harbin Siberian Tiger Park Guide

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As the natural environment becomes worse, many creatures are endangered and some have died out. The Siberian tiger is on the list. It is the largest felid in the world and is known as the King of the Forest. In the 1980s, it was listed as one of the first-class national protected animals of China. To preserve this valuable species, the Siberian Tiger Park was built in 1996.
The park is located on the north bank of the Songhua River to the northwest of Harbin, occupying an area of 1,440,000 square meters. It is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present. The park enjoys a favorable foundation for eco-tourism and splendid scenery and it is an ideal place for holiday and leisure. There are over 500 purebred Siberian tigers here, with 100 visible to visitors. In addition, visitors can also see white tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, and black pumas as well as Bengali tigers.

It is a large park divided into ten areas, including the young tiger area, the mature tiger area, the king tiger area, a walking area and a platform for viewing the tigers. Unlike common zoos, the Siberian Tiger Park exchanges the roles of visitors and animals. Except in the walking area and the platform for viewing the tigers, tourists must take a bus encircled by wire mesh to all the other scenic spots while the tigers roam freely in the fields.

For visitors who love to see exciting activities, the Siberian Tiger Park is also a perfect place. For a small fee, tourists can buy live animals to feed to the tigers. There are various live stock that you can buy to feed to the tigers including chickens, ducks, and even cows, which the park employees will set free among the tigers so that visitors can enjoy a unique live action of tigers preying on them.
In addition, there is a free Popular Science Exhibition Hall in the Siberian Tiger Park. In the exhibition hall, people can see information on tigers in pictures and samples as well as in words.
The best seasons for visiting the Siberia Tiger Park are summer and winter when a wild training field is open to visitors. Visitors can enjoy the exciting scene of tigers attacking prey.

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