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Erlongshan International Ski Resort Guide

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Skiing has become increasingly popular with Chinese as well as international ski travelers seeking new mountains and lower prices. Erlongshan International Ski Resort in Harbin is sure to be a good choice for you. It obtain its name from the "Mount. Dragon Pearl", because the ski resort adjoin a small island in its hub which brings to mind the image of two pearl-eating dragons of contemporary legend. As one of the most popular winter spots in China and around the world, Erlongshan International Ski Resort covers an area around 780,000 square meters, and is capable of holding 4,000 skiers at the same time. The lift from the resort base to the top offers unique views of undulating countryside.

Erlongshan comprises of two trails for beginners, 6 runs for intermediate and advanced skiers. The child ski ground is the first of its kind in China. Skier beginners may want to learn a lesson or two to advance their skills. Skiing instructors at the resort guide all ages from beginners to experienced. Besides being family-friendly, Erlongshan Ski Resort is very all-around in the sense that it offers a variety of snow-related activities besides skiing. In addition, for skiers' comfort, a safety facility has been set up to make sure that skiers are sound and make a worry free environment. From skis to snowmobiles to snowboards and toboggans are all available here.

Verdant and copious pine trees and vast expanses of pure white snow make an ideal setting for skiing in the winter in Erlongshan International Ski Resort. To make a reservation with Erlongshan International Ski Resort at reasonable rates kindly get in touch with us, we will help with the booking. Or you could consulate directly through the detailed information below:
Address: No.11 at Kangshun Steet, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Opening Time: 8:30-11:00, 13:00-16:00; November - March
Price Range: 50RMB -180RMB
Contact Hotline: 86 451 57908008

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User Comments

Name:Erlongshan International Ski Resort Reply

I wanna know about Snowmobile Price, Ski Suite for rent and Skier beginners learning prics i have trip to Erlongshan in Jan Thank you

Name:Re:Erlongshan International Ski Resort

Dear Dragon, Glad to hear from you. Erlongshan is one of the most famous places to ski in Harbin.We have rich experience to arrange Erlongshan Ski tour.May the quotation below can help you. The entrance fee is 30 YUAN for one person ,the Ski fee is that:180 YUAN for 2 hours ,260 YUAN for half one day and 320 YUAN for the whole day.For fees of the rental Ski Suite,180 YUAN /2 hours for the Ski plate,40 YUAN/ 2 hours for the ski suit,100 YUAN/10 minutes for the snowmobile,30 YUAN in one circle for the horse-draw sleigh.Price for the Skier beginners learning is different from 100 to 600 according to your visiting time and the number of your group.(Sping Festival is higher than normal,and the more people you have ,the cheaper charges you will get) Besides,we can provide the transportation service and the ticket booking service,Feel free to contact me ,if you have any questions,we are at your service all the time.

Name:Anyone hear about Erlongshan Ski Resort? Reply

We are planning to spend this winter holiday in Harbin and maybe will go skiing for one or two days while we are there. Would like to know what ski resorts there has. I know about Erlongshan which is not so far away. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Name:Re: Anyone hear about Erlongshan Ski Resort?

We went to the Erlongshan ski resort last year. It is considered nearest to Harbin City, which is about an hour or so drive. Though not so well known, Erlongshan is a perfect place to go skiing!