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Longmen ancient town Guide

-Travel to Longmen ancient town

Longmen ancient town is Sun Quan East Tundadi descendants’ the largest settlements. It is located at the food of the Longmen mountains and the ancient town preserve the integrity of the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties buildings, so tourists can enjoys the folk customs about Jiangnan and have a taste of the deep Sun-style culture which formed for thousand years.The town is surrounded by water. She does not have amorous feelings, exciting feelings, she may show her feminine beauty. Feminine beauty is built in its very blood and soul.

It’s name was given by a poet called Yang Zilin, he said:“this place appreciate picturesque scenery, and it worth living Longmen.” And then here became famous. With a history of over 1000years, Longmen ancient town is a special place with its Ming and Qing style architectures. It ancestor was Sunquan, which is three kingdom Wu emperor. And now the family eventually developed more than two thousand households, more than seven thousand Jingnan people in a large family. More than 90% of the villagers is descendants of Sunquan.

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