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The Xinglong Tropical Garden Guide

-Travel to The Xinglong Tropical Garden

The Xinglong Tropical Garden is a tropical garden resort that is located near several major attractions in the area, including Shimei Bay, Shenzhou Peninsula, Xinlong Hot Springs and many more. It is a travel site well-known to both foreign and home travelers. The World Environmental Protection Organization, in 1996, selected the gardens to be turned into one of four Chinese demonstration institutions for environmental protection. The gardens purpose is to show that nature and man can coexist simultaneously. At the gardens, visitors can do many activities, whether it is viewing the many bird and butterflies, flowers and trees and rowing on the lake.

It really deserves the name of "tropical plants encyclopedia". The Xinglong Tropical Gardin covering an area of 400,000 sq. meters with 1200 tropical plants. It is nearly perfect for plants to grow; now the botanic garden does not only play the role of an important agricultural base, but also a famous tourism resort. It will be a wonderful experience to know what Coco, coffee, peppers and many other plants we may never see them before look like before you have them in your cups. It is one of the most popular tourists attractions on Hainan Island. If you visit there, you must try

the local coffee and tea, which are provided free of charge in the Garden. And you could buy some back home to your friends. Except the local coffee and tea, you must try the tropical fruit called "mystery fruit". You eat the fruit first, and then when you eat the sour orange or bitter food, the tastes will be getting sweet. Here's some guide information in your travel of The Xinglong Tropical Garden: Address: Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, eastern of Wanning City, Hainan Province. Contact number: 0086-898-62562888   Admission Fee: CNY10   Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:00

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