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Want to view the grassland scenery? Travel to Hailar. Situated in the northern reaches of Inner Mongolia, Hailar is the largest city in the Hulunbuir Prefecture, with a total population of around 220,000 and an area of 1440 square kilometers. The city boosts Inner Mongolia's most interesting and beautiful scenery, including the infinite grasslands and the Hulun Lake. The most interesting feature of the city is the ethnic diversity. There are 25 different resident minority groups in Hailar, including Mongol, Hui and less prevalent groups such as the Manchurians, Koreans, Ewink and Daur peoples.

The city had been an oasis of action for wandering herdsmen. Plants used to line both the sides of Hailar River. The outskirts holds the impressive Hulun Lake and the small border town of Manzhouli filled with Russian border traders. To the north of Hailar lies a vast expanse of some of China's most rugged areas, good for camping if allowed access.The areas lying outside the city are interesting as well, with wild grasslands, rugged terrain, and good camping grounds.Travelers have the opportunity to ride horses, eat traditional Mongolian dishes, and enjoy the outdoors in a yurt (tent).

Hailar seems remote, but not that hard to get into. Hailar Airport is just 7km away from the city of Hailar proper. There are daily flights between Beijing and Hailar that take about two hours. Hailar is a small city, so walking is the best means of transportation, although taxis are available. There are many sights in Hailar including the Russian market, the Japanese tunnels, the grasslands, the local market, and the like. Read more guide to Hailar attractions below. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Hailar. We would like to help you with your Hailar travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

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- Must See

  • Hulun LakeHulun Lake is also called Lake Dalai, one of the five largest fresh water lakes in China, situated 45 km east of Manzhouli of Hulunbuir League, and covering a total area of 2339 square km. Lake Hulun is a summer resort with a mild ... ...
  • Ergun RiverBeing the origins of Heilongjiang in northeast China, the Ergun River is 1,620 km long (1,007 miles, of which Hailar River 622 kilometers). The River is crossing in the Mongolian plateau northeastern border.The headwater ... ...
  • Bayan Huxu GrasslandBayan Huxu Grasslands are some of the best in China and the best in Inner Mongolia. Located southwest of Owenki Banner of Hulunbuir League, this travel spot is 39 km away from Hailar City, with very convenient transportation. ... ...
  • Hailar National Forest Park Hailar National Forest Park, covering an area of 210,000 Chinese acres, is the only national forest park in China focused on evergreen pines and was renowned as one of the Eight Scenic Wonders of Hulunbuir in Qing Dynasty. It is ... ...

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I am planning a travel to northeast China. Is Hailar should be included in? Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hailar, featured for its ethnic diversity, is a typical travel destination of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. With the beautiful Bayan Huxu Grassland scenery, good camping ground, various ethnic culture, Hailar is a neglectable travel destination in China. Besides,Travelers have the opportunity to ride horses, eat traditional Mongolian dishes, and enjoy the outdoors in a yurt. I recommend you schematiye Hailar.