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Guiyang is an ideal travel destination for those who love spending time exploring nature but want to be based in the city. Situated on the east slope of Yunnan - Guizhou Plateau, Guiyang's temperature is best characterized as humid and temperate. An old saying goes like that the city does not have three consecutive day of sun, which vividly describe the varying weather conditions here. However, the comfortable temperature in Guiyang is suit for travel. Guiyang is populated by 23 different minorities, in addition to the ethnic Han. Guiyang endeavors to develop it travel industry in the near future. The ethnic minority villages and ancient towns will be developed and new travel areas such as Kaiyang, Huaxi will be exploited to attract more and more visitors.

Not only are the natural and energy resource rich in Guiyang, but also Guiyang is full of beautiful landscapes, including mountains, valleys, rivers, and karst caves. The city boosts large-sized parks such as Qianling Park and the Forest Park. Other cultural and historical sites include Jiaxiu Pavilion, Cuiwei Garden and Yangming Temple. In the suburbs of Guiyang, visitors can travel Huaxi Park, Tianhetan Pool and Baihua Lake, as well as Hongfeng Lake, which is only 32 km away from the city's downtown area. With all these vibrant scenery, cultural and historical relics, distinct ethnic customs, and an abundance of travel facilities, Guiyang will surely be enjoyed by all.

Guiyang, with its own airport, is well-connected to many scenic sights in central and southwestern China. The bus and train systems are improving rapidly, making it much more convenient for inter-city travel. Welcome to view other columns for extensive guide to attraction information and travel services offer related to Guiyang or other famous cities in China. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Guiyang. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Guiyang Attractions Guide

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  • Dragon PalaceThe Dragon Palace is made up of over 90 caves that runs through over 20 hills and stretches 15 kilometers. Located in the western suburbs of Anshun in Guizhou Province, lies the home of the mythological Dragon King. The magnificen ... ...
  • Jiaxiu PavilionJiaxiu Pavilion was built in the Ming Dynasty in the 26th year of Emperor Wanli's reign. An imperial inspector, Jiang Dongzhi, built the pavilion and named it Jiaxiu because he believed the people in Guiyang were the most talented ... ...
  • Hongfu TempleHongfu Temple is the most famous and largest Buddhist temple in Guizhou province and is located near the town of Guiyang. The temple has been rebuilt many times over the past 300 years and today, it is very well preserved. Since 1 ... ...
  • Qianling ParkQianling Park is located only a few kilometers away from Guiyang and one of the few parks located in an urban area that is more than 300 hectares. It is named after Mt. Qianlingshan which was awarded the title of  "The f ... ...
  • Huangguoshu WaterfallWorld-famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, known as "he first waterfall in China",  is located on the Baishui River, one of the headstrams of the Dabang River in the Zhenning Bouyei-Miao Autonomous County southwest of Guizhou. Like ... ...
  • Dong PeopleAccording to the Guide of 1990 census, there are about 2,514,000 Dong in China. They live in remote mountain valleys along meandering streams in Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi provinces of southwest China. Some Dongs also live in Hubei p ... ...

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Name:Travel to Guiyang Reply

My travel in Guiyang has to been extended for one more day. So we have flight from Guiyang to Hong Kong in 16:30 (need to be in the air port (15:30).I need private guide tour with car. Where do you recommend to go? Huangguoshu Waterfalls is possible?

Name:Re: Travel to Guiyang

Huangguoshu Waterfalls is the most popular travel destination in Guizhou Province, so it’s a nice choice to travel to Huangguoshu Waterfalls since you have one more day in Guiyang. Usually it costs about 1 and half hours to drive there, there’s no problem that you travel to Huangguoshu Waterfalls and get back to the airport before 15:30. Please kindly have a check of your email, we’ve sent you the itinerary and quotation.

Name:Guiyang Travel Reply

I will visit Guiyang. Do you have any recommendation?

Name:Re:Guiyang Travel

Thanks for your asking.The main tourist attractions in Guiyang are Jiaxiu Tower and Huaxi Wetland Park.They are both very famous sightseeing spots there, so they are worth of visiting.