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Yangshuo is a small town in Guilin which is located in the norteastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is easily accessible by all manner of transportation around Guilin, by boat or by bus, since it's along one side by the Li River and surrounded by karst peaks. The Yangshuo Town is famous for its stunning natural sceneries with karst peaks, caves, and rivers. It covers an area of 1,428 square kilometers and has 20,000 hectares of land used for agricultural cultivation. It has a population about 300,000, making up of different ethnic groups, such as: Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, etc. Yangshuo

enjoys a sub-tropical climate with sufficient rainfalls, sunlight and heat around the whole year. The annual average temperature is 19 degrees Celsius and the amount of sunlight is 1,465 hours with 1,640mm rainfall. Yangshuo has a long history of more than 1,400 year, in which the people there have created their own culture, such as long drum dance, song gathering Cai Diao opera, dragon and lion dance. It is also full of the natural scenery, such as the gardens relics and sites in the history, ancient bridge and other architectures and stone carvings, which are thought to rival with its counterparts in

Guilin. Many of these buildings and monuments of cultural heritage are closely located to the Li River, which winds through Yangshuo, adding to the images of natural beauty of the scenery. The karst peaks all over Yangshuo are not only great tourist attractions but the ideal place for backpackers and rock-climbing lovers. The two famous streets, Chinese Street and West Street, can show you the culture and living style of the local Chinese and even the foreigners who chose to settle down there. Yangshuo County is indeed the top travel destination in China.

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Name:What to do in Yangshuo Reply

We are travelling to Yangshuo in late May. Should we spend a night there or just get back after a few hours. Is there lots to see and do in Yangshuo? Do we need to rent a bicycle to get around Yangshuo County? We are doing the Li River cruise to get there.

Name:Re: What to do in Yangshuo

I guess you are getting to Yangshuo from Guilin by cruise. Yangshuo is an ancient county but mixed with western culture. There are lots of nice sort of laid back things to do. So, how much time you spend there totally depends on your own schedule and interests. I suggest you stay one night there to experience Yangshuo’s special taste. If you don’t have enough time, think about going straight to Yangshuo from the airport and then back to Guilin.