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The Yulong River, Dragon Meeting River, is a major tributary of Li River flowing through some of the most beautiful Karst (limestone) scenery near Yangshuo. It was called Anleshui ( Peace and Joy Water) in the past then was changed into the present name later because of the Yulong Bridge spanning above the river. The catchment area of Yulong River amounts to 158 square kilometers almost with 12 square kilometers in Yangshuo. It is said if travel to Yangshuo you can't miss the Yulong River. The Yulong River is also called Little Li River, rising in Linggui County in Yangshuo.

The river winds approximately 44 kilometers, with the width ranging from 38 to 61 meters and the depth lower than one meter in Yangshuo section. The Yulong River Scenic Area stretches from Yulong Bridge in Baisha Town, to Gongnong Bridge near Big Banyan, including some spectacular scenic views along each river bank. Local people use rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between houses, markets, and rice paddies. The Chinese word 'Yulong' refers to 'meeting a dragon'. The river is definitely on the top list of travel destinations in the world.

According to the local legend, there was a dragon from the East Sea strolled across the Yulong River. Being deeply impressed by the attractive landscape, he decided to stay there forever. The local residents saw the dragon several times, hence the name of the river comes. Nowadays rafting on the Yulong River has become a highlight for a tour around Yangshuo. Sitting on the reclining chair on the bamboo raft, travelers can not only enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river, but also taste fresh roasted fish selling on the bamboo raft on the river.
 Location: Yangshuo County, Guilin         Tickets: RMB220/raft         Opening hours: 08:00-8:00

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