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West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo County along the Li River with the history of more than 1,400 years. This well-preserved street is 517 meters (1,696 feet) long and 8 meters (26 feet) wide, meandering in an 'S' shape along its length. The road on the street was paved with marbles, which is a typical example of a southern China street. It was steeped in history and has been opened as a tourist site since 1978. The West Street Is the most prosperous place in Yangshuo and the biggest 'foreign language center' in China due to its unique mix of cultures. Located in the center of Yangshuo County,

the street has become a place that full of eastern and western culture. There are approximate 100,000 foreigner visitors come to the county on their travels or to attend advanced studies there.  Some of them even settle in Yangshuo, teaching Englsih, starting a family and opening bars or restaurants of their own. They are attracted by its unique mix of cultures and its simple style and courtyard-like setting. There is a saying about West Street that 'half is village while the other half is stores'. It also has earned the name of China's 'global villag' and now is filled with various stores, bars, hotels and cafes. Because

of the amount of foreigners, most of the vendors in the town can speak simple English. Because of the large number of foreigners, the West Street has gotten a nickname of Yangrenjie which means foreigner street in Chinese. The West Street is a mustsee when travelling to Yangshuo and you can't miss it. The West Street, is suitable for travelling the whole year but from April to July is rainy seasons. The temperatures are mild with the average temperature is 25 centidegree and the highest 32 centidegree. Some guide information of the West Street.
Location: in the center of Yangshuo County       Tickets: Free       Opening hours: 24 hours

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Hi, we are a group of students going to travel in Guilin. We are planning to spend a night in Yangshuo and West Street is a prefer location, because there have many bars and restaurants. But we are a kind of budget tourists, so please advise economic hotels.

Name:Re: Stay in West Street

West Street in Yangshuo is a so popular spot that the hotels are almost of the same rates with those in Guilin or even higher. But if you really want to spend nights in Yangshuo, west street is a good place to stay. We recommend New West Street Hotel which might meet your requirements.