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The Reed Flute Cave Guide

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The Reed Flute Cave, Ludi Yan, is one of the largest and magnificent caves only five kilometers northwest of the downtown area in Guilin.The Reed Flute Cave is hidden completely on the side of Guangming Hill and hasn't been well known for lots of people except for the locals until 1962. In the Reed Flute Cave, there are lots of inscriptions from the ancient time, some can even be dated back as far as 792AD in the Tang Dynasty. Since the region has been the home of the reeds, which have been used to make flutes and pipes since ancient times, the cave got its name for it. The cave is a drip stone

structure which has been carved 790 feet deep and stretches on for almost 550 yards through the zigzag of various multi-colored stalactites and stalagmites which lends the name of the Art Palace of the Nature. The visit route is about 500 meters and one hours walking. The cave is about 240 meters long with the u-shaped route. People opened another hole as the exit quite near the original entrance. Visitors can see those oddly shaped rocks, stone pillars with the stories told by your guide. Though naturally beautiful, the cave has been emphasized by man-made strategies such as lighting to improve

the contrast of rock formations which resemble birds, animals or plants. There are other wonders in the Reed Flute Cave, including the Crystal Palace of the Dragon King, which is an area resembling the city in miniature. Illuminated by the colored lights, the cave is known as the "Art Palace of the Nature". The Reed Dlute Cave is among the Top Four Toursit Attractions in Guilin. Some guide information of the Reed Flute Cave
Location: five kilometers northwest of Guilin City center         Opening Hours: 08:00 to 17:30         Contact number: +86 773 2695075          Tickets: CNY 60

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Name:Is Reed Flute Cave A Good Choice? Reply

We are going to Guilin and thinking about save one afternoon for the caves there. Which cave is worth visiting? Is the Reed Flute Cave a good place to go? Besides, my handicap elderly mother wants to come along, is it possible? Does the Reed Flute Cave has walkways and ramps for wheelchairs?

Name:Re: Is Reed Flute Cave A Good Choice?

Reed Flute Cave is the most famous and most-visit cave in Guilin. It is very beautiful.and easy to get to from the city center. Reed Flute Cave is disabled-friendly.