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Longji Terraced Fields outstands the numerous Terraced Fields in the southeast of Guilin city. Located in the Longji Village, the well-known Terraced Field can be dated back to the Yuan Dynasty which is almost 700 years from now. Because of the Longsheng area is moutainous and hilly, the local have to reclaim lands on the hills of which the elevations vary from 300 meters to 1100 meters. The whole Terraced Fields area covers 66 square kilometers in total, together with the Jinkeng Yao Terraced Fields. These fields demonstrate some of the imposing beauty of the rice fields and are built along the

slope from the river bank to the top of the mountain. First built in the Yuan Dynasty, the rice fields were built with hard work of generations of people and showed the creativity of people in mountainous areas. Due to its wide difference of altitude, these fields are often belt-shaped, narrow and long, most of which are only wide enough for two rows of crops, which makes the fields as a paradise created by people. The fields and the village rise up into the mountains. There are two villages around Jinkeng, which contain two of China's tribal minorities; Dazai at the foot of the mountain and Yao further up. The Yao

minority located at the terrace fields, as two-story cabins that appear to be stacked on top of each other. Jinkeng is a good place to witness the Zhuang and the Yao girls singing and dancing performance. The weather in the Terraced Fields is quite changeable, you can't be too careful to take umbrellas with you. The best way to travel in the Terraced Fields is on foot, but remember to walk on the stone lanes and if you get lost, those farmers are really nice giving you directions to guide you out. Longji Terraced Fields is a hot spot in Guilin.
Location: Ping'an County, Longsheng, Guilin              Opening hours: 09:00-17:00              Contact number: +86 10 85968802               Tickets: RMB50

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Name:Good Time to See Terraced Fields? Reply

What is the best time to visit Terraced Fields in Longji? We are planning our trip to see the rice terraces and trying to catch the best view. So we are wondering when should be the harvest time this year for the terraces.

Name:Re: Good Time to See Terraced Fields?

End of April and early May when they are planting the rice crops can be interesting. The best season to travel Terraced Fields in Longsheng is from the mid Sep to early Oct. The rice terraces are all in the golden color. In the early Oct., however, there will be too many people because of the National Holiday.