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The silver Cave, located 85 km south of Guilin, 25 km from Yangshuo county, is a splendid limestone cave. It runs through 12 mountains and a roundabout tour covers approximately 2 km. The cave is deep and irregular, with a great number of stalactites of thousand charms, which, in lights glint like silver, hence the name of the cave. These majestic, diamond-like stalactites decorate the cave and make it into a dazzling place. The cave can be divided into three sections: upper cave, lobby and the lower cave, with dozens of distinctive scenery.

When you walk inside the silver cave, you will exclaim how nature can be so powerful to make such magnificent sights: stone curtains just like pieces of rosy clouds. Silver top of the cave makes you feel in a in a beautiful world of ice, snow and frost. When you walked across the stone cliffs, you will understand why it is called silver cave as they are shiny like silver. All these marvelous sceneries formed an unforgettable cave tour. No wonder it is said:"silver cave is a combination of poetry, philosophy and aesthetics". It is a magnificent natural art gallery. When you select the cave tours in Guilin, Don't miss it.
Location: 85 km south of Guilin; Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickect: CNY66

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