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The Seven Star Park, covering an area of more than 120 hectares (297 acres), is one of the largest natural environment parks in Guilin. The Seven Star Park is located on the east bank of Li River 1.5 kilometers away from the city center of Guilin. The park is full of lush mountains, clean water, deep valleys, stone forest, various animals and plants and regarded as the cultural relics, which makes it as a miniature of the beautiful landscapes in Guilin. It has been popular since the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties and can attracts hundreds of thousand visitors come to visit every year. The park

is located on the eastern banks of the Li River, includes the main sites, such as: the Camel Hill, the Seven Star Cave and the Follower Bridge. The Follower Bridge, as the oldest bridge in Guilin, built in the Song Dynasty and gained its name because it was originally thought to have been surrounded by wild flowers that flamed in the spring. However, these flowers were reduced in the Qing Dynasty and the flaming flowers cannot be found anymore. The Camel Hill, once called Hushan Hill, is an amazing sight, named because it resembles the shape of a squat camel. The hill has been noted for its life-like

structure and is thought to have been elaborately forged by human hands, but it is a natural formation. The Seven Star Cave, which is also called Qixia Cave or Bixu Cave, was once underground rivers which can be dated back to one million years ago, then became a cave on a mountain because of upthrust. The Seven Star Cave is about 1,100 meters long, 54 meters widest and 27 meters highest. The opening one is the medium level of the Seven Star Cave which Bill Clinton had visited. The Seven Star Park is definitely a great travel destination. Some gude information of the Seven Star Park.
Location: No.1 Qixinglu, Guilin               Contact number: +86 773 5814343‎             Tickets: RMB65(incluing Seven Star Cave)              Opening hours: 06:00-19:30

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