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Ronghu Lake, known as Banyan Lake which is situated in the city center of Guilin with Zhongshan Road crossing it, is an open area for pedestrians and leisure. The main tourist attractions around the central district include two lakes, the Ronghu Lake, as well as the Shanhu Lake (Chinese Fir Lake). The Ronghu Lake is 860 meters long from east to west and 110 meters wide on average with a area covering 9.46 hectares. The most famous spot on the lake is the musical fountain in the center of Ronghu Lake, which is the icon of the water view in Guilin. These two lakes are connected by a bridge

and are part of a beautiful park in the center of the city. Recently, there are two copper towers—'Sun Tower' and 'Moon Tower' built in the Shanhu Lake, which create 3 world's record: 'The Highest Copper Tower', 'The Highest Copper Architecture' and 'The Highest Tower in the Water' which are standing in the center of the Shanhu lake. Shanhu Lake is 390 meters long and 180 meters wide on average covering 1.02 hectares. The history of the Ronghu Lake can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasty. It was once the moat in the south of the city and called Nanyang River. After the expansion of

the city in Ming Dynasty, the lake became the inside lake of the city. From then on, more and more officials, merchants and famous people built their houses beside the lake, which made the area to be the center of the culture activities. In the Yuan Dynasty, the lake began to name with the Jianhu Lake and the area along the lake is a prosperous place full of stores and restaurants. The Ronghu Lake and Jianhu Lake together make it a popular travel destination in Guilin. Some guide information of Ronghu Lake or Banyan Lake.
Location: in the city center of Guilin       Tickets:Free without boat       Opening hours:08:30-21:00

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