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Yumenguan Pass, or Jade Gate Pass, was built during the Han Dynasty, by order of Emperor Wu. At the time the Pass was the only way to access the northern route of the Silk Road and the rourine connecting Central Asia and China. The vital importance of the Yumenguan Pass was realized very early in the Western Han period (205 BC-24 AD), as it was one of only two major passes along the western borders. Although in China, 'guan' is usually translated simply as 'pass', its further specific meaning is a 'frontier pass' to distinguish it from an ordinary pass. In time, these passes became toll

gates as trade became frequent with Central Asia and Europe. The Passes then became home to prosperous towns with silk flowing west and western goods came east. Yumenguan Pass is an impressive sight, even more so for the remarkable durability it has shown despite the simplicity of its building materials. It is an excellent reminder of the skill and ingenuity of ancient architects. Local legends tell us that the original name of the pass was Small Square City, but it was later renamed as Yumenguan Pass, due to the sparkling jade that adorned the gates to bless the trade camels that arrived in the city laden with goods of all kinds. The present city was constructed with rammed earth with two gates respectively in its west and north directions. Nowadays, there's still a city named Yumen in Gansu, but the Yumenguan Pass is located more or less four hundred km to the west of Yumen city. Yumenguan Pass is a famous ancient travel destination in China. Climbing to the top of the pass, you can see the relics of the Great Wall and beacon towers scattered sparsely in the desert, creating an atmosphere of recalling the past. Some guide information of the Yumenguan Pass.             Address: in the Gobi Desert 90 km southwest of Dunhuang            Tickets: CNY 40        Contact number: +86 10 85968802       Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

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