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Great Wall of Han Dynasty Guide

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The Great Wall of Han Dynasty is the longest one among those of all other dynasties. The Han Great Wall starts from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to Luobu Po of Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region extending more than 6700 kilometers from east to west. It is usually refered as the 'Ten-Thousand Li Great Wall', as one kilometer equals two Li's. Meanwhile, since where the Ming Great Wall runs through are mostly plains and deserts without natural barriers, it's built of local materials whatever they could collected on hand. This extended the Wall into Inner Mongolia itself, and renovated much of

the older wall near this border. One of Emperor Han Wudi's generals, Huo Qubing, launched a military campaign against the Hun in 121 BC, pushing them deep into Mongolia, allowing him to secure the Hexi Corridor, the passage to the Western Region. The Wall was promptly extended to secure this area, from Yongdeng County to Jiuquan City in Gangsu. This section of the Wall saw many incursion attempts from the Hun and their allies the Qiang, but it was too strong for them to breach. Forts dotted the distance between Jiuquan City and Yumenguan Pass of Gansu Province that were also the form of the Great Wall. These were measures against Hun warlords around 110 BC. Around 101 BC Chinese workers built the section from Yumenguan Pass to Luobu Po of Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region. Altogether Han Wudi had built a thousand kilometers of defense wall over twenty years to secure the passage to the Western Region. Some guide information for the Han Great Wall in Dunhuang. Location: 5 kilometers west to Yumenguan Pass         Opening hours: 8:00-17:00          Tickets: RMB25/Person

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