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Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park Guide

-Travel to Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park

Situated 180 kilometers in the northwest away from Dunhuang City, the Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park is the largest one of Yadan Landform found so far. The Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park stretches twenty-five kilometers from north to south and about two kilometers from east to west. The Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of gobi desert.
The most magnificent view is that you can find the ‘miniature’ for much world-famous architecture inside the park, such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Arabian mosque, the Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, the relics of ancient Roman and so on. The Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park seems as an architectural art museum of the world while located in a desert and delivers many delights and enjoyments to you. In addition, you will find other works of art by nature, such as sculptures of lions, caravans trekking along the Silk Road, and turtles emerging from the sea. This area is referred to as the Yadan Abode of Demons by local people.

Yadan Landforms were superlatively marvelous with different size of areas, and varied forms of topography. You will find varied land structures here like animals, personal images, pagodas, temples, buses and boats. The grand outlooks of the Yadan Landforms were accumulated by the clay after many floods in addition to rains and storms for long time and here once were the lower reaches of Shulehe River in the ancient times. It will be possible that after a number of years the landforms slowly disappear.
Location: Northwest to Dunhuang City; Opening Hours: 8:00--17:00; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY40

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