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Crescent Spring, one of the highlights of the Gobi Desert, is located just 6 kilometers southwest of Dunhuang, beside the famous Echoing-Sand Mountain. The Crescent Lake, also known as Crescent Moon Lake stretches amost a handred meters long from south to north and twenty-five meters wide from east to west with the depth of five meters most. As the name suggests this beautiful natural spring is shaped like a crescent moon.The Crescent Spring is a site of great natural beauty, especially the view from the peak of the dunes which is breathtaking and worth the trip by itself. There

is however also a range of excellent activities to indulge in, such as camel riding and dune surfing.The Crescent Spring which is always cool and clear, remaining unpolluted by the sand only feet away. The crescent moon lake is a lake that lies in the center of the desert. The width between north and south is only fifty-four meters. It is really a mini lake surrounded by sand. In the south bank of crescent moon lake a pavilion stands tall and erect. It has empress palace (niangniangdian), dragon royal palace (longwanggong), Bodhisattva palace (pusadian), god of medicine cave (yaowangdong), scripture hall (jingtang), thunder spirit table (leishentai) and so forth. They are surrounded by Mt. Mingsha. Though the Crescent Moon Lake is located in the desert, it never dries up and survived from attacks by sandstorms among these sand dunes for thousands of years. Crescent Spring still glistens cear and still remains worth as the first spring in the desert and top travel destination in Dunhuang.
Some guide information of the Crescent Spring.
Admission Fee: CNY 120 (Including Echoing-Sand Mountain)
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 17:50

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Name:About Crescent Spring Reply

Our guide books about Dunhuang mention the Crescent Moon Lake. Is it open to public? Anything interesting there?

Name:Re: About Crescent Spring

The Crescent Moon Lake is open to the public along with Echoing-Sand Mountain. It is a beautiful natural spring shaped like a crescent moon in the Gobi Desert.