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Accroding to Travel Guide in Dalian, The Xinghai Park is located on the southwestern side of Dalian City and borders Xinghai Bay from which it takes its name. With the 800 meters long beach, the park has luxuriant flowers and trees on the land and the golden sand on the beach. The park also features the Ocean World, a Chinese, Hong Kong and New Zealand joint venture that features more than 200 types of marine life. At this park, there are paths where you can climb to the top of cliffs and have a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. Every year thousands of tourists come to play in the ocean and relax on the beach. Every night in Summer, there are a lots of travelers comes here for waiting sunset and enjoy the cool air. 

The park can be definitely regarded as the haven of tranquility, which attracts many visitors come to enjoy their lifetime there. It also offers the excellent facilities for bathing from its safe beach where the water is neither too deep nor subject to other than moderate waves. Another feature in the park is the Sun Asia Ocean World, where you can observe many of the often special creatures that live in the ocean. This aquarium is the first in China to have an underwater tunnel from which you can see the marine life at close quarters. Moreover, guests can enjoy the collection of fossils.

Cliffs tower above the sea at the eastern and western ends of the park and the cliff tops present stunning views across the bay where sea and sky blend together on the distant horizon. The Tanhai Cave can be seen in the eastern cliffs. The name of the cave means 'exploring the sea' and as you descend the steps within it you will find the sea-spray rising at your feet, a truly amazing sight!

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Name:Beer Festival at Xinghai Square Reply

I will be in Dalian for a tour at the end of July. I heard there will be a Beer Festival on the Xinghai Square. When it will be and how can I get in?

Name:Re: Beer Festival at Xinghai Square

The Beer Festival is a good news for all beer lovers in Dalian. This year, it will be held from July 29th to August 9th 2010. You just need RMB 10/person; RMB 30/person for the opening ceremony in Xinghai Square, which is on the east of Xinghai Park, Shahe District.