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Dalian boasts having the largest number of Public Squares in China, numbering at more than 100. Some of the more popular squares in the city are: Zhongshan Square, Navy Square and People's Square. Locals love coming to the public squares to play, walk around or enjoy themselves in the fresh air and talk with friends. This City Squares are Knocked together a very complete the map of guide in Dalian. There are several things to do in the squares with each one offering a unique experience. The squares also help add to the more than 13 million square meters of green area, making Dalian one of the greenest cities in Northern China.

Zhongshan Square, also called 'Nicholas Square' was originally built in the Russian colonial period. This round square is typical of the blending of western styles of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance with a variety of old European style buildings surrounding an elegant marble circle terrace. Today, government financial institutions are housed in those old buildings and the square becomes a weekend leisure place for local people. At night the square is colorfully illuminated.

People's Square, located in the administrative center of the city, facing the Dalian Municipal Government and close to the Public Security Bureau and People's Procuratorate, has an area of 125,000 square meters with the 40,000 square meters’ grassland. It is the greatest square that attracts the local people come and rest there. After its renovation, the square can provide a large-scale music fountain, which can make the square to be the most beautiful and dynamic one among all the others in the city. And the road light along the square is also the character of the square for Dalian. Travelers could be in accordance with a guide book of Dalian and enjoying the city of senery.

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