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Dalian Forest Park Guide

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Built in 1997 covering an area of 7.2 square kilometers, Dalian forest Zoo is an amazingly extensive animal kingdom. It is well-known for its high quality selection of species and wild raising. It takes special consideration to maintain the balance between its theme of naturalness and wildness and the human and cultural factors.

There are six functional sections in the park: garden-like herbivorous animal section; tower-like lions and tigers section; crane-like chimpanzees and baboons section; the mountain-like bears section; the special Asian elephants section; and the natural protection section where pandas, smart squirrel monkeys, and fire-like flamingos reside. It has a total of more than 1000 animals of 130 species. The main theme of the forest zoo “Green and Life”, promotes communication and even friendship between animals and human.

On top of the West Hill with sea level of 259.6 meters, you can oversee the entire forest and zoo area. The one kilometer long cable car route enables tours and sightseeing from the east of the zoo to the west.

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