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Chongsheng Temple Guide

-Travel to Chongsheng Temple

Travel to Chongsheng Temple, you can experience the Buddism culture in southern part of our country. Chongsheng Temple, commonly known as Dali Three Pagodas, was the Buddhist center of Nanzhao State. Built between 822 and 859, the three pagodas used to be situated in Chongsheng Temple at the foot of Diancang Mountain on the shores of Lake Erhai. So, if you travel to Lake Erhai, you definitely can see the beauty of the three pagodas. However, Chongsheng Temple is no longer exists, but the three pagodas, different in size and history, remained. Survived more than 30 strong earthquakes in the past 1,000 years, the Three Pagodas stand

 intact a marvel of architecture, and have been a major national treasure under the preservation of the State Government. Every year lots of travelers come here to burn incense and pray good luck for their family. The three Pagodas were made of bricks, built about a thousand years ago. They are straight and towering, standing like three legs of a tripod. The main one, the Quadrangular Qianxun Pagoda, is 69.13 meters high with 16 stories, covered with multiple tiers of eaves. The eaves present smooth concave arcs, reflecting the style of Tang Dynasty pagodas. The two other smaller pagodas, about 70 meters away from the  Qianxun Pagoda, are 42.19 meters

 high with 10 stories. The two pagodas are octagonal with ten multi-eave pent roofs. They were built later than the bigger one, in the Song Dynasty style. Today, travelers can visit Three Pagodas at night, when it is illuminated providing a fantastic scene. Nearby on the 'marble street' there are many folk-craft workshops and stands specializing in marble and brick-painting.
Here's some guide information of Chongsheng Temple: Address: Chongsheng Temple, northwest of Dali county, Yunnan Province.  Contact number: 0086-872-2666346  Admission Fee: CNY121  Opening Hours: 08:00 to 19:00

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