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When referring to Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li, you will associate the Chinese Kung Fu with them together immediately. That's right ,anyone who has been wathced wonderful Chinese Kung Fu movie or TV show played by them will be deeply impressed by the Chinese Kung Fu performance. Kung Fu is one of the most well know examples of traditional Chinese culture with a history of thousands years. It is probably one of the longest lasting traditional Chinese physical activities which utilize both brawn and brain.Chinese Kung Fu has become a international sport for the people around the world to learn and use to attain its inherent benefits. Chinese Kung Fu performance has become an important learning course for most foreigners when they travel in China.

The movements in Kung Fu include kick, boxing, wresting and seizing, which are performed by rules, Sects of Kung Fu are various. As the old Chinese saying goes:" In the north, Shaolin Kungfu is primarily recommended. While in the soth, Wudang Kungfu is especially valued." Both of them lay emphasis on the external parctice for Jing ( genuine energy), Qi (vital energy) and Shen ( spirit) and internal practice for muscle, bone and skin. Dances and entertainment were created by man as man become more skillful in hunting and warfare. These early dances were recorded to be imitations of animals. The early relationship between fighting and dance moves can be seen in the marital dance called The Dance with Shield and Axe. Wrestling was also practiced between soldiers in Butting with Horns. By the end of this period, unarmed combat was an advanced skill with several methods of attack, defense, feints and counter-attack. Fencing was also common.

The Shaolin monks studied Chinese Kung Fu, which was defined at that time as any of the various Chinese martial arts. The Shaolin Kung Fu is particularly known for the different moves named after animals: Dragon, Tiger, Crane, etc. Kung Fu, meaning ability, was originally used by the West by a Jesuit Missionary named Pere Amoit. However, today, Wushu is the terminology that is better used to describe Chinese martial arts.
How to watching the Kung Fu Performance, Here are some guide information about Kung Fu Performance. The detail is following:
Hong Ju Chang
Address: No.44, Xinfu Street, Worker’s cultural Palace, Chongwen District
Openg hours: 19:30-20:15
Contact Hotline:86 10 51652145

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