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Ya'an Panda Reserve Base Guide

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Ya'an, a prefecture-level city where the first panda was found, is located in the western part of Sichuan province of the PRC covering an area of 15,300 square kilometers and a population of 1,530,000. The modern Ya'an county was formed in 1912. Ya'an is also known as the origin of artificial planting tea of the world. The city is about 150 kilometers away to the southeast of Chengdu. Bifengxia, which means Green Peak Canyon in chinese, is 8 kilometers away from Ya'an City, 150 kilometers from Chengdu. There are 3 parts in Bifengxia scenic site: Bifengxia Mountain Park, Bifengxia Wildlife Park, and Bifengxia Panda Bears Research Base Center. It rains over 200 days a year with annual average temperature varying from 23 centigrade in July to 5 centigrade in January. Bifengxia Panda Bears Research Base Center outside of the city Ya'an is now the most famous tourist attraction.

The Bifengxia Panda Reserves used to be the branch of Wolong Panda Center under the control of China Conservation and Research Center (Wolong) for the Giant Panda. The reserve base was begun to be built in October 2002 and finished about the same time the next year, with an area of 400 hectares. The base is simply divided into four functional areas: Raising and Bredding area, Administation area, Bamboo cultivation area, Training area for pandas to be released into the wild nature in simulated wild environments. After the disastrous earthquake on May 12, 2008, the pandas from most famous Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Base were transferred here.

Now Ya’an Giant Panda Reserve Base becomes the best Panda Reserve base in China and will play an important role in panda reserving. Here, in the new home of giant pands, you can not only get really close to those national treasures and goodwill ambassadors but also enjoy stunningly beautiful scenery of Bifengxia National Park with various shape waterfalls.
How to travel in Ya’an Giant Panda Reserve Base, Here are some guide information about Ya’an Giant Panda Reserve Base. The detail is following:
Address: Ya’an, Sichuan
Admission Fee: CNY 40
Opening hours: 09:00 a.m-16:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 835 2318017

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Name:Ya'an Panda Reserve Base Reply

will be in Chengdu next month, arriving in the afternoon one day, having the next full day then leaving the following morning.Like most, am intending to spend as much time seeing pandas as necessary. I just want to go and have the best experience and dont mind the extra drive if its worth it. Would be interested to hear any comments or suggestions. Thanks.

Name:Re: Ya'an Panda Reserve Base

I have been to Yaan Panda Reserve Base on severel occasions. Ya’an Giant Panda Reserve is the best Panda Reserve base in China I think.