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Wangjiang Tower Park Guide

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Wangjiang Tower Park lies on the south bank of Jinjiang River, one of three famous cultural relics in Chengdu. Wangjiang Tower is dedicated to a woman, Xue Tao, a poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Since in the past women had low social status, the story of Xue Tao is all the more fascinating, along with Wuhou Memorial Temple and the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu. Xue Tao was born in a turbulent society so her father named her "tao" wave in Chinese. She led a hard life after her father's death, eventually becoming a singer. History records that she wrote about 500 poems in her life.

Bamboos will get your attention as you enter the park. Xue Tao loved bamboo; over 150 kinds of bamboos from home and abroad grow here in her honor. Wangjiang Tower Park Built in 1889, Wangjiang Tower has become a Chengdu landmark. Legend has it that the sponsor wanted the building to conform to fengshui to enhance literate luck. It was only after the tower was completed that the sponsor revealed in two poems that his true motivation was to honor Xue Tao. The 39-meter- (128-foot-) high Wangjiang Tower is the greatest building in the park. It is also called Chongli Tower.

Among the buildings in the park, the most majestic one is the Chongli Tower. Built in the 15th Guangxu year during the Qing Dynasty, it stands over 30 meters with four stories. Decorated with flying eaves, red pillars, green tiles and a gilded steeple ball on its pointed octagonal roof, the tower looks extremely splendid. Situated near the Jinjiang River, the tower is also named Wangjiang Tower. East of the Chongli Tower is the Yinshi Building built in accordance with the Yinshi Building in Bijifang (Green Chicken Lane) where Xue Tao lived in her late years when she subsisted on chanting poem and making paper.
How to travel in Wangjiang Tower Park, Here are some guide information about Wangjiang Tower Park. The detail is following:
Address: No.30 of Wangjianglu, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Admission Fee: CNY 10
Opening hours: 06:00 a.m-21:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 28 85223389

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