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The Dujiangyan Dam Guide

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Dujiangyan, 45km north of Chengdu, is the oldest as well as the only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world and a wonder in the development of Chinese science. The project consists of three important parts, namely Yuzui, Feishayan and Baopingkou scientifically designed to automatically control the water flow of the rivers from the mountains to the plains throughout the year.
In China, Chengdu is always praised as the Tian Fu Zhi Guo, which means 'Nature's Storehouse'. Over 2,200 years ago, the city was threatened by the frequent floods caused by flooding of the Minjiang River (a tributary of the Yangtze River ). Li Bing, a local official of Sichuan Province at that time, together with his son, decided to construct an irrigation system on the Minjiang River to prevent flooding. After a lengthy study and a lot of hard work by the local people, the great Dujiangyan Irrigation Project was completed. Since then, the Chengdu Plain has been free of flooding and the people have been living peacefully and affluently. Expansion has been undertaken since 1949 and at present the system does a good job of irrigating farming land across 33counties of the western part of Sichuan Province. Now, the project is honored as the 'Treasure of Sichuan', which still plays a crucial role in draining off floodwater, irrigating farms and providing water resources for more than 50 cities in the province. Local people feel proud of the system because it has supported a large amount of people in their daily life.

Not far from the Dujiang Dam, a Daoist temple complex was erected to commemorate the benevolent rule of Li Bing and his son who succeeded him. They were granted the posthumous title of Wang. The folk story says that 24th July of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is Li Bing' birthday. On the day many local people visit the temple where they prostrate themselves before the image of Li Bing and his son and burn incense to honor them.

Address: Park Road, Dujiangyan City
Admission Fee: CNY 90
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30
Contact Hotline: 028-87120836 028-87283890

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