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Accroding to Travel Guide in China, The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine is the largest temple of the Eight Outer Temples in Chengde City. The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine (Putuo Zongcheng Temple) of Chengde is a Qing Dynasty era Buddhist temple complex built between 1767 and 1771, during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (1735-1796).It is located near the Chengde Mountain Resort, along with the equally famed Puning Temple. The temple was modeled after the Potala Palace of Tibet, the old sanctuary of the Dalai Lama built a century earlier. Hence the Putuo Zongcheng has been nicknamed the "Little Potala Palace. Within the palace there are a lot of detailed history of navigation and allusions, this is the best tour guide for visitors.

The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine was originally dedicated to Qianlong in order to commemorate his birthday, as well as a temple of equal size and splendor as the Tibetan Potala Palace. The temple served more functions than just Buddhist ceremonies and festivals. It was also the location that the emperor would gather meetings of different ethnic envoys found throughout the empire. The location served as a peaceful getaway in contrast to the bustling life of the capital, as well as complimented the nearby hunting area that the emperor would enjoy with his hosts.

The most conspicuous characteristics of this temple rely on its Tibetan style. Within the temple, about sixty flat-roof-house-like white platforms and Sanskrit white platforms lays freely beyond the axes to confront the mountainous terrain. The main buildings big red square-shaped platform at the top of the mountain is very attractive in contrast with the surrounding white attics. This platform was used by the emperors to hold great religious rituals and meet the tribal chiefs from important ethnic groups as well as high officials.
How to travel in The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine, Here are some guide information about The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine. The detail is following : Address : Shizigou of Chengde . Entrance Fee: 40RMB for p.p Opening hours : 08:00 a.m-17:00 p.m Contact Hotline: 86 314 2163072

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What should I notice when visiting the Little Potala Palace in Chengde? Is there any taboo?

Name:Re:The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine

Little Potala Palace is the nickname of the Temple of Potaraka Doctrine. It’s not allowed to speak loud or take photos inside. And it’s not polite to point the Buddha figure by the index finger.