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The Changchun Movie Studio Guide

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The Changchun Film Studio, known as 'the cradle of New China's film industy', was the first film factory to be established after the founding of the People's Republic and is considered as the cornerstone of Chinese film industry. If you travel to Changchun, the Changchun Film Studio is a top tourist attraction. Changchun Film Studio is located to the north of South Lake Park have produced over 600 films of all genres including features, animation, traditional opera and also TV plays but mainly of mainstream movies in its early years for the Chinese people as the base of mainstream propaganda movies which greatly influenced the minds of a fat propotion of the Chinese mass.

In recent years, the studio had lost its prime time and movies from here have dwindled to documentary shots and second class movies of which are less competive from the Hongkong comedies and Hollywood movies. Nowadays, the Changchun Film Studio owns over 2,000 staffs and its area has been expanded to 0.28 million square meters. There are seven studios, four recording centers and four modern developing and printing buildings. In addition to the production department, four branches for dubbed films, animation films, telefilms and developing and printing businesses have been established.

In order to restore interest in the Chinese film industry, and to kick up a bit of money, the Changchun Film Studio opened up some of its doors to the general public and built an extension, the Movie Palace, on its side. This is still the studio producing most in the Chinese movie industry and as such visitors can get to see palaces, castles and scenery. This place is the most famous human landscape in Changchun. Detailed  guide information of Changchun Film studio.
Address: No. 92 Zhengyang Street, Lvyuan District.
Ticket prize: RMB240 for one ticket.
Contact number: +86 431-4550888/999
Open time: 9am to 5:30pm (May. 1st to Oct. 7th); 9am to 4:30pm (Oct. 8th to Apr.30th)

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